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We are thrilled to share with you this incredible achievement for Kylie Bell, who was awarded the Tourism Minister’s Young Achiever award at the Tasmanian Tourism Awards on the 5th November, 2021.

5 November 2021

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Photo: TICT/Tasmanian Tourism Awards 2021


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Join us on our adventures on the North Coast of Tasmania. Our journal is about documenting our curiosities around design, sustainability, food, cooking and travel. It is our dream to live a life that is as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible. Follow us also as we travel our region and find the best food and travel destinations. We chat about design, energy efficiency, self-sufficiency and much more. 

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The Tourism Minister’s Young Achiever award is presented to an emerging business leader, entrepreneur or tourism professional, aged under 35 years. 


It was an incredible honour for Kylie to accept this award, as well as shine a light on the North West of Tasmania and celebrate our achievements so far at Compass Hut.

"Kylie is co-founder and manager of Compass Hut, Tasmania's first council approved eco Tiny House on Wheels. She is also Director and Designer of Wagonhaus Co Pty Ltd, one of three manufacturers in Australia producing tiny eco homes.

With a Bachelor of Architecture, and a double degree in Tourism/Travel and Business, Kylie created and operates Compass Hut on her family's farm at Forthside, south of Devonport. Establishing a unique agri and eco-tourism experience in North-West Tasmania.

Kylie has actively promoted Compass Hut, generating national media and industry coverage for the North-West. She is also a highly active industry participant with her Regional Tourism Organisation, Women in Tourism & Hospitality, and Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

When her accommodation business was impacted by COVID, Kylie quickly pivoted her business and designs, establishing 'Arc Pavilion' - a micro and portable Art gallery on wheels" - TICT



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