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Compass Hut

Art On Display

at Compass Hut

Layered into the accommodation experience at Compass Hut is current artwork by co-founders and designers, Kylie and Tamika Bell. 

Artwork ranges from graphite sketches and sculptures. Prints of our 2D work can be purchased from Bell Studio. 


About the artists

Bell Studio (Tamika Bell) Mr Tuxedo Little Penguin.png

Tamika Bell

Tamika is the co-founder and designer at Compass Hut but has always had an avid interest in and love for art from a young age. Based in Tasmania, Tamika explores techniques through different mediums and subjects; from life drawing to graphite portraiture and sculpture. Across the last ten years, Tamika translated this artistic flair into furniture and interior design.

Prints of her graphite and some original sculpture work is on display in both Arc Pavilion and Colonial Blue.

Prints are available for purchase from
Bell Studio.



Kylie Bell

Kylie is the co-founder and lead designer at Compass Hut. Kylie, since early years, experimented and worked in both 2D and 3D art up until the commencement studies in architecture in 2024. Since, Kylie has translated her passion for art also into interior, graphic, digital art, photography and website design.  Kylie works in a range of mediums and subjects including acrylic, oil and watercolour landscape painting, graphite portraiture and sculpture.

Prints of Kylie's graphite work is on display in both Arc Pavilion and Colonial Blue.


Colonial Blue (Compass Hut) Artwork - Artist Brendan O'Connor (IMG_8424) Watermarked (Phot

Brendan O'Connor

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