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We are thrilled to expand on the Arc Pavilion experience! Guests can now soak up the countryside views from the new, glossy white bathtub.

23 September 2022

Arc Pavilion (Compass Hut) - Outdoor Bathtub 2 (IMG_8085) Watermarked (Photo credit - Kyli
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Join us on our adventures on the North Coast of Tasmania. Our journal is about documenting our curiosities around design, sustainability, food, cooking and travel. It is our dream to live a life that is as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible. Follow us also as we travel our region and find the best food and travel destinations. We chat about design, energy efficiency, self-sufficiency and much more. 

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Photo: Kylie Bell (Arc Pavilion at Compass Hut 2022)

Positioned alongside the outdoor yoga deck, with Arc Pavilion standing behind, guests can enjoy the best of the central north coasts weather from this beautiful view. The concept behind Arc Pavilion was to be a place travellers could come and switch off from life and, relax and have a memorable stay.



Arc Pavilion (Compass Hut) - Outdoor Bathtub 1 (IMG_8052) Watermarked (Photo credit - Kyli
(1 September 2021) Arc Pavilion Launch - Blog Tile - The Journal-min.jpg

Photo: Kylie Bell (Views out across the countryside to Bass Strait on Tasmania's central north coast. Arc Pavilion at Compass Hut 2022)

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