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Welcome to our journal - Bell.a.venturers. Compass Hut is more than just a Tiny House getaway; it shares an organic farm in the countryside of the North Coast, where our farm cottage lies, surrounded by organic veg, multiple edible gardens, farm life, lots of cooking and more.

Tamika and I are on a mission to learn and be as energy-efficient, sustainable, off-grid, eco as possible. Come with us on our journey as we share with you our Tiny House and farm cottage journey, explore all things design, or love of gardening and self-sufficiency, or come with us on our Tasmanian adventures through our travel blog. As we learn how to use the food grown on the farm, we will share our gardening and cooking journeys, picking fresh produce for our Tiny House garden and our seasonal adventures. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list - it’s a great way to not miss out, or follow us on socials!

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COOK TIME: 40 mins

This is one of our favourite recipes, and we are so lucky to have some on the organic farm. You can make this with a peeled back traditional pumpkin soup flavour using salt, pepper, stock and cream in at the end. Or, add in some extra flavour layers some of our cottage favourites, cumin, caraway and dill.

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