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PREPARATION TIME: 10 minutes               COOK TIME: 30 minutes           SEASON: Spring

This Spring we have been busy planting and harvesting some of our early vegetables and herbs from the cottage and Tiny House gardens. This light soup is filled with nutritional goodness straight from the garden, with some additional local produce, including the delicious Wursthaus Kitchen's lamb sausage from Salamanca in Tasmania's south.

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3 cups of water

1 tsp vegetable stock

2 tsp dried garlic granules

2 tsp dried onion flakes

1/8 tsp curry powder

20 g butter (Ashgrove's)


50 g leek, sliced

1 small onion, sliced

20 g chopped spring onion

50 g fresh beans

50 g kale

1x Lamb Sausage (Wursthaus Kitchen)

Salt and pepper, to taste

Italian parsley for garnish

  1. In a saucepan, bring water to boil, adding in the stock, garlic granules, onion flakes, curry powder and butter. Reduce to simmer. 

  2. Prepare vegetables and add to the saucepan. 

  3. Cook soup (simmering), for 15-20 minutes, or until vegetables are cooked. They should have a translucent appearance. 

  4. Meanwhile, fry the sausage in a frypan until cooked. Removed from the frypan and slice into 2-3cm lengths.

  5. Remove the soup from the hotplate once cooked and serve. Add in the lamb sausage, add salt and pepper to taste, and lastly, garnish with some Italian parsley. 


Dried onion and garlic granules can be sourced from wholefood supermarkets. If you don't have these available, you can substitute for fresh garlic and just keep in the small onion. The dried versions usually have a more concentrated flavour, which compliments the butter and vegetables in this soup. 

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