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A journal documenting and sharing our curiosities

That life moment, when it feels like this

is the place that you want to be - that you need to be.

That you will do your best to

stay there, and be there for as long as

you possibly can.

Compass Hut is more than a Tiny House Getaway. It reflects our journey and shares a little slice of our organic farm, nestled in the North Coast countryside. Compass Hut is about our adventure to become self-sufficient, to be as eco as possible and live sustainability. Alongside, the business draws on the families agricultural heritage, where the accommodation shares a small portion of the organic farm, with the Tiny House being 100% off-grid and complete with its own edible organic garden. 

Alongside Compass Hut, we spend time travelling Tasmania and documenting the island's landscapes through our travel blog, Travellers Tasmania.  Further, having grown up with our mother who was always cooking or gardening, and a German grandmother, we spend our time growing our own food as much as we can, cooking and currently, renovating the farm cottage.

We are always looking to learn and find near adventures and explore our artistic curiosity. Tamika and I are on a journey to learn and discover. We want to share with you our Tiny House and farm cottage adventures with you


Kylie started her journey studying at the School of Architecture and Design in Launceston back in 2013, following her deep love of all things design, but in particular architecture. Falling into the tourism industry during her studies, she soon felt torn between both. Already a curious traveller herself, during her time working in the industry in Hobart, she met many like-minded travellers from across the world. She loved hearing stories, and in turn, and sharing her home Tasmania; falling more deeply in love with the island. During this time, too curious not to be tempted, Kylie also completed a double diploma in business and travel & tourism in Sydney. Upon graduating both university and the latter, she decided it was to be her life mission to take both tourism, travel and design and find a way to combine them into job or business, alongside her personal passions; travel, photography, cooking, self-sufficiency and gardening. Kylie launched Compass Hut, following Wagonhaus (2017), together with her sister Tamika, in early 2019. Here she combines her love of all things design - architecture, interior and landscape design - and shares it with the local, national and global community. In her own time, Kylie spends her time exploring photography, travel and hiking, and documenting these adventures and sharing them through her travel blog, Travellers Tasmania. When not out exploring the island, Kylie spends her time gardening, landscaping, cooking, designing or renovating. 


Tamika, co-founder of Compass Hut and Wagonhaus, grew up surrounded by fresh organic produce grown on the farm, plenty of farm animals and a creative environment.  Alongside her passion for Compass Hut, Tamika is an enthusiastic hiker, adventurer and runner. Inheriting the artistic genetics of her family, Tamika spends her time painting or her passion for furniture design. So helps co-design the Tiny House accommodation's interior and landscape.  A passionate learner, always buried in a pile of books, Tamika's spends her spare time travelling Tasmania as part of Travellers Tasmania. At home, Tamika explores her passion for cooking, turning home-grown food and local produce into melting pots of flavour.  

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